Both myself & Sara feel very strongly about doing as much as we can to help the environment and to this end we adopt the following practices:

An ongoing programme to make sure as many light bulbs as possible are replaced with the low energy type

Thermostatic radiator controls fitted on all the radiators

Double glazing and insulation (pipes etc) to reduce heat loss and our recently installed boiler allows us to adjust heating and water temperatures according to the seasons.

Dual flush toilets or toilet "hippos" are fitted to reduce water wastage when flushing

Environmental notices are placed in all rooms to advise our guests how they can help us to help the environment

Bottles, cans, plastics and paper are all recycled.

Green waste is recycled.

We collect approximately 1000 litres of water via numerous water butts in the garden and around the house. This water is used to keep the garden green during the summer and also to rinse the car.

The property is no-smoking throughout.

We encourage our guests to help by:

Not leaving the lights on when departing from their rooms

Not leaving the televisions on standby

Adjusting the radiators to suit their needs

Drying their towels by hanging them over the radiators
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